FC24-2019 - 02.12.2019 - 03.12.2019

  • FC24-2019 - 02.12.2019 - 03.12.2019
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    Catégorie : Formation continue
    Thème : Modules internationaux
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    communicated later
    Participants : 0 inscrits
    Places disponibles : 24 places restantes
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    900.00 CHF
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    Organisateur : ES ASUR
    Intervenants : ALSG UK Faculty
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    Pré requis : Reading the book in English, QCM
    Course taught in English
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    This MedicALS education programme is for those from a medical or advanced practitioner background, who autonomously assess
    and manage acutely ill patients. Medical candidates must be FY2 and above, while advanced practitioners must fulfill roles on the middle grade rota in Emergency Departments or Acute Medical Assessment units.


    Structured approach to medical emergencies, Top to toe examination, the breathless patient, the shocked patient, Chest pain, Peri-arrest rhythm recognition, Chest x-ray interpretation, System for D review,Special circumstances, Inotropes, Blood gas interpretation, the poisoned patient, the collapsed patient, Headache, Pyrexia, Fluids and electrolytes, Blood tests

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