FC31-2019 - 26.08.2019 et 27.08.2019

  • FC31-2019 - 26.08.2019 et 27.08.2019
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    Organisateur : ES ASUR
    Intervenants : ALSG Swiss Faculty
    Certifications : ALSG Manchester 4 years
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    Pré requis : Book lecture, MCQ on VLE
  • Description


    The APLS course provides the knowledge and skills necessary for recognition and effective treatment and stabilisation of children with life threatening emergencies, using a structred, sequential approach
    The seriously ill and or injured child needs to be treated as an individual ; there are four key differences that determine treatment : weight, anatomy, physiology, and psychology
    The structured approach focuses the clinician on resuscitation, emergency treatment followed by continual stabilisation and then transfer
    to a definitive care environment.
    The course aims to teach, practice and test the acquisition and use of these technical skills. In addition, the human factors that generate
    the highest quality and safest health care provision are considered


    Cardiac simulation & skills :
    Newborn resuscitation
    Assessing & managing the serious ill child
    Structured approach to the seriously injured child
    Skill & simulation sessions :
    Basic & advanced life support including review and continual assess-ment, serious illness, serious injury

    Informations supplémentaires

    APLS Advanced Paediatric Life Support
    inscription 6 months before the course
    inscription: Ladina.Flury@swissmedikids.ch